Meet Maisie

Maisie is a digital marketing assistant that helps e-commerce 
businesses to grow through smarter marketing.

Generate more traffic, leads & sales.

Save time.

Achieve greater success.

A Smarter Way to Grow Your Business

Never enough hours in the day to do the marketing your business 
needs to grow? Let Maisie take care of it for you.

Create Better Ads 
to Generate Traffic

Maisie helps you select images and write text for ads to market your store on Facebook, Instagram & Google.

Post & Promote Your Products 
Across Social Networks

Maisie posts new products in stock or new blog posts you write directly to your social media pages to build awareness of your brand.

Convert More Visitors into Sales 
with Retargeting 

Maisie identifies people who have visited your store but not purchased and shows them ads to bring them back to your site.

Build Loyalty & 

Maisie sends emails and Facebook Messenger messages to new and returning customers to drive loyalty and repeat business.

Find More of Your 
Ideal Customers

Maisie analyses the customers who have bought from you in the past to identify new customer audiences you can target.

Measure & Improve Your
Marketing Performance

Maisie monitors your website traffic and your ad performance and alerts you about opportunities for improvement.

Discover How Wonderful Our App Is In Your Hands.

Seriously, everything you want in an app.

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Maisie is Easy to Setup

Simply connect your accounts to Maisie to start 
getting the marketing assistance you need.


Install the Maisie plugin on 
your e-Commerce platform


Add the Maisie bot to your 
favorite messaging app 


Connect your Google, 
Social & Email Accounts